Some insane progress today

Stayed up a few hours later to get some more work done here. I had to reverse the association of the CPT-onomies because my initial assumption of associative order was backwards. No big deal tho.

I took the time to learn the API for CPT-onomies¬†and learned how to dynamically populate a dropdown in Gravity Forms. I used this to populate a dropdown full of project. Right now, if you’re a ‘worker’ or ‘administrator’, it shows you a list of ALL projects, with their associated company in the field as well.

Here’s the end result:

This is part of the /new-task page that’ll let logged in users add new tasks. Association with a Project will NOT be required, but association with a client will. For workers and admins, that’ll happen via a dropdown. If a user is associated with more than one company, they will also get a dropdown. However, users associated with only one company will just have that value passed through automagically.

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