Clock out for lunch

This is one of most important pieces of advice I can give on productivity: clock out for lunch. Your boss and your stomach will thank you for it.

Clocking out for lunch does 2 things: it gives your brain a rest from work, and let’s you focus on what you’re eating.

It’s really easy to shovel “whatever” into your mouth while cranking out TPS reports, but it’s not healthy. Most of us who eat at our desks don’t give much thought to what we’re eating; I know I didn’t.

Stepping away gives your brain a chance to recoup from the first half of the days work, and makes it seem like less of a bother to do mildy time-consuming things like peel a piece of fruit or throw together a salad.

I also don’t recommend eating a lot of meat or fried things for lunch, but that’s a conversation for another day. #protip – it’s not the carbs that are making you sleepy.

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