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About Me

My work takes on several facets. As a web developer, I work directly for clients, through a few corporate facades, as well as indirectly as an "expert for hire" for specific aspects of various projects.


Looking for just one person to help out with a task? Contact me directly and you can pay me directly.

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Need a Team?

I run a Business Support Firm and a "Catch and Release" Firm. Get the right team for the job with just one stop.

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Expert for hire

Even if you don't hire me, I might still be working on your project. I'm contracted with 3 firms as an "extra".

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What I Do

I'm a man of various skills, but these are what I get hired for the most often. View the full list.


Just want me to write code?
I can do that.

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Need me to find your bug?
I can do that too.

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Server Admin

Automation scripts? Maintenance?

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Just need advice?
Have me come in.

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+1 623 845 2646

Where I'm Located

Glendale, AZ